Loofau Body Scrub 300g

Loofau Body Scrub 300g


Here It Is - Our Fake Tan Removal Scrub. 


What's Included?

1 x 300g Loofau body scrub and 1 x exfoliating glove.

Each scrub lasts up to 5 uses.



First put on your complimentary exfoliating mitt, and hop in the shower.

Let your skin soak under warm water for a minute or so, and then begin to scrub with our product. 

You do not need to use a large amount of product as your tan should come off with ease.

It's as simple as that: shower, glove, product, scrub!

Make sure you seal your scrub tight after first use so that it stays lovely and fresh for your next patchy fake tan sitch.



We recommend customers store their Loofau in warmer areas, like the shower.


Natural Ingredients:

We have made a point to source all natural ingredients for our scrub. These include: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Raw Sucrose, Citrus Lemon, Cocos Nucifera & Sea Salt.

Please take the time to read our ingredients list to check for any allergies present.


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